Kel Elliott is a sassy double-bass playing singer who likes to tell stories: her own and other people's.  She spends lots of her time striking up conversations, and whenever she can, records them, turning the bits that inspire her most into songs.  Next, she takes these songs and then hammers them out on stage with humour, irony and a touch of mischief.   The audience describe her performances as a journey of emotion, many laugh and then shed a tear all within the space of a few moments - others describe it as a 'Drama for the ears'. 

With a love for artists such as Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, Regina Spektor and Rufus Wainwright her set can be soft and sentimental one minute and unflinchingly eccentric the next.


Kel is joined on stage by her song writing partner Kelvin Leitch, her husband Hugh Rashleigh and their very good friend Adam Cross.  The three guys perform on such a wide, and sometimes unusual, array of instruments that they have earnt the tag line 'three man orchestra'.  They often play multiple instruments at the same time making them a visually alluring too.

Recent achievements include being hand picked by Jo Whiley and Jamie Cullum for The BBC Introducing stage at The Cheltenham Jazz Festival.  The show was recorded for air on BBC Radio 2 and hosted by Jo Whiley who said she had really enjoyed their set.  

Currently, they are finishing off their third album, the content of which complements their current touring show 'Truths and tall tales'  

If you are lucky enough to find yourself at one of their shows, come and say hi, tell them a tale, but beware, you may find your story on the next album...