New website new beginnings

With the help of my IT brilliant cousin I have revamped our website and it feels like a new start.  I have always found it hard to keep on top of website content, social media and the likes but this new website has given me POWER mhwhahahaaaaaaaa.  I have this lovely new blog section and so I can blog away until my hearts content.  This is my first ever blog and I'm writing it to ensure there is something on this blog page to read and will most likely delete it when i start blogging properly.  So for now I'll continue with a - mini website behind the scenes tour.  

Our latest promo picture forms the background for each page.  I say latest but this photo is over a year old and was taken when I was heavily pregnant and huge.  I don't look like this anymore so we need an update.  It's not that I'm not proud of it, it's just I think we were limited with what we could do back then and I want to capture something even more dramatic. However Adam is currently away on tour with the RSC so we will have to wait until his return in June.

I've written a new band biography and I'm quite pleased with it.  We've tried to describe ourselves in many different ways in the past and have never really managed to capture our show, I think this new write up is pretty close.  At the last gig a gentleman came and told me that our publicity doesn't do us justice so with that in mind I've tried again.

Our gig list is pretty empty at the moment as we are waiting for rural touring dates to be confirmed, these should come out in May so until then we look like we are sat at home twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the phone to ring...

The gallery has shots from various gigs over the years and one from around 2009, I don't look like that anymore either :) that's the thing about photos, they are a snapshot in time.  

Anyway that's it for this first blog.  It was thrilling I know but at least it's a start and fills a hole on an otherwise empty page. So until next time...